First port of call for purchasers and sellers

As all-rounder property experts, we are specialized in buying and selling properties of all types and sizes which offer a safe return on investment. Our large portfolio of company-owned properties includes residential and business properties, mixed properties, residential complexes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, real estate and property portfolios.

Depending on your personal goals and investment strategy, you can choose from individual services or a full-service package: we offer high-quality advice and a value-based selection of properties, reliable valuations, detailed property concepts and completion of all processes right down to signing the deeds. Our in-house construction department handles planning for property optimisation and revitalisation. Throughout all processes and even after signing the contract, your personal consultant will support you with the necessary expertise, service and discretion. On request, we are happy to recommend acclaimed notaries as well as long-standing partners of LC for financing, renovation work and property management.

  • Buying and selling
  • All property types
  • All sizes
  • Owner-occupiers
  • Investors
  • Property optimisation
  • Portfolio revitalisation